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Can Dogs Drink Cold Water?

Can Dogs Drink Cold Water? The question may seem mundane until you take it to the internet. Then you will find the wild west of haunting stories where pets die from drinking cold water. One story in particular from the blog Wendt Worth Corgis, gained plenty of attention when in

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Can Dogs Drink Coconut Water?

Can Dogs Have Coconut Water? When the temperature rises, we break out the popsicles and refreshing drinks. Ice, water, and tropical flavors fill our fridge as we battle the heat and try to cool down. One popular item for humans to consume during these warm months is coconut water. Coconut

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Can Rabbits Eat Apple Skin?

Can Rabbits Have Apple Skin? If you have ever spent some time with a rabbit, you know one of the sweetest moments is watching them munch on all sorts of hay and roughage. These herbivores love to munch, but their diet consists mainly of hay with some dried vegetables. So

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Can Dogs Drink Powerade?

Can Dogs Have Powerade? We can find plenty of ways to beat the heat. For some of us, that means popsicles or a dip in the pool. We may even rehydrate with some sports drinks like Powerade. Powerade can help us replenish electrolytes and hydrate an imbalance from sweating out

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Can Cats Eat Cranberries?

Can Cats Have Cranberries? Cranberries are a pleasant fruit we don’t often see unless it is the holidays or we are making a  fun cocktail. So what happens when we allow ourselves this sweet treat and mittens gets into the bag for a bite? Maybe you noticed on the bag

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Can Dogs Drink Alcohol?

Can Dogs Have Alcohol? Dogs can truly be man’s best friend. They can do it all with us; hike, surf, hunt, and sometimes even skateboard. However, there are some activities that you may need to reconsider bringing your best friend along. Whether you are throwing a party, practicing home brew,

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Can Rabbits Eat Strawberry Leaves?

Can Rabbits Have Strawberry Leaves? We often say ‘hay is for horses,’ but anyone who opts for small animal companions would argue that hay is mostly for rabbits. While our cats and dogs eat specially-formulated kibble punched into fun shapes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (basically devouring multivitamins every time

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Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

Can Dogs Have Cat Food? You are running late for work and nearly forgot to feed Fido. A quick scoop of food in the bowl and…wait, was that Fido’s food or the cat’s? Sometimes with so many mouths to feed one can easily reach into the wrong box for our

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Can Rabbits Eat Spinach?

Can Rabbits Have Spinach? In recent years, kale has stolen our hearts as the superfood of choice. A trip into the health food store reveals a wide range of kale products—you can get kale chips, kale juice, kale salad, and a wide range of other processed snack foods made using

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