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Can Cats Eat Mayo?

Can Cats Have Mayo?

When you first brought your cat home you probably had big plans for how you would keep them out of trouble. You would regularly vacuum, never feed them too many treats, and always make sure they never got into any of the human food. However, over time things may have become more relaxed. Instead of afternoons vacuuming (which just led to mittens hissing at the loud suction machine), you traded it in for cuddles on the couch. Cat treats have turned into feeding them bits and pieces from your plate. Maybe they have even learned a few tricks on how to get into the fridge or cupboard.

So you may be surprised when you come home one day to a bottle of mayo broken open and spread across the floor. It will then lead you to wonder…

Can you give your cat Mayo?

Answer: How did we get here? Mayo is a strange substance you may not consider feeding your cat but will be happy to know it is not toxic. Yes, cats can eat mayo. In fact, there may be sometimes they even should eat mayo. But before you begin making them tuna fish sandwiches and potato salad, consider all of the health pros and cons when it comes to this creamy condiment.

Health Benefits?

mayoMayo is not often thought of as a healthy condiment, but that does not mean there is no nutritional value. Mayo actually contains some probiotic cultures. Probiotic cultures help promote good bacteria, which naturally occur within your cat’s body. These cultures give the good bacteria a bit of a boost. This means it can help promote healthy digestion and the passing of stools.

A cat’s digestive system is actually very sensitive. Which means even small changes in stress, diet, or even an illness could throw off their digestion. A common issue being constipation. This can be caused by many things, like your cat resisting eating, drinking, changes in cat food, or one of the other reasons mentioned above.

Since mayo can help promote a healthy digestion system for your cat, it may be useful as a supplement. If you notice your cat is suffering from constipation, mayo may be able to help them get back to normal. Simply try mixing in some mayo with their normal cat food. It is suggested you allow ½ teaspoon for every 5 pounds your cat weighs.

While you can possibly use mayo to help treat constipation, it is much easier to prevent constipation in the first place rather than treat it. It will also be a healthier way due to some of the risks associated with cats consuming mayonnaise.

Things to Keep in Mind

Mayo is an interesting food for cats because while it may help promote healthy digestion it can also be unhealthy for your cats. In the same way, it is not great for humans, and especially not good for dogs, mayo is high in calories and unhealthy additions. For example, most mayonnaise you find at the market will be high in fats. If your cat were to consume too much mayo on a regular basis you not only risk obesity but lining the intestines with that fat. This can result in diarrhea, which could then lead to dehydration. As you can see, overdoing it with they mayo can quickly turn into a domino effect of health consequences.

In addition to the fat content, you should also be aware of mayo products that contain high amounts of dairy. Despite the media telling us cats love to lick up bowls of milk, they are lactose-intolerant. Dairy is a common component of mayo so proceed with caution when deciding which one is best to feed your cat.

If you notice your cat is continuing to have constipation despite trying to treat it with mayo, it is best to stop. If your cat continues to be constipated for up to three days, consider taking them to the vet. From there, they will be able to provide you with a more concentrated medicine or tricks that can help move things along.

Final Thoughts

When you first brought your kitty home, you probably aspired to be the best pet parent possible. That has most likely still not changed. Some cat parents use mayo to help treat constipation, while others stay away from the condiment completely. Mayo should not be used as a supplement or treat due to how terribly unhealthy it is, but it may help aid constipation on occasion. If your cat accidentally consumed some mayo, it should be nothing to worry about. Be sure to look after them for the next 24 hours or so and on the lookout for any strange behavior. If you are dealing with a constipated cat and prefer to not give them mayo, a visit to the vet may be as, if not more, effective.


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