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Can Dogs Drink Wine?

Can Dogs Have Wine?

Whether you are hosting a holiday party or a pool party you know there can be a lot to handle in the rush of hosting. Keeping food and drinks stocked, guests entertained, and the music upbeat can be a lot to handle. With so much going on, it would not be uncommon for an alcoholic drink, like wine, to spill. As always, you trusty dog is right there as soon as the contents of the glass touch the floor, ready to help clean up the mess.

Whether your dog accidentally got ahold of some wine or if you find it useful for calming your pet down, there is one thing you should ask yourself.

Can You Give Your Dog Wine?

Answer: NO!. We will discuss wine in a moment, but let’s start with the ingredients to make wine. Grapes are the main ingredient in wine and they are one of the most toxic items you could feed a dog. Unfortunately, there is no research that explains exactly why dogs cannot consume grapes, but there is no question dogs should stay away from them.

Knowing what we know about grapes and dogs, we can conclude wine will have the same effects. The main ingredient alone can harm your pet, but the alcohol will not be any kinder. A dog’s liver and kidneys are not made to handle alcohol and they do so poorly. A dog consuming alcohol is at risk for liver failure which can end up being life-threatening. The size of a dog should also be considered. They are significantly smaller than us and have a much weaker tolerance. This deadly combination makes them an excellent candidate for alcohol poisoning.

Wine and the alcohol in wine is so dangerous for dogs, we have answered no. However, if your dog were to lick a bit of spilled wine off the ground you should be in the clear. This will primarily depend upon how big your dog is and how much is consumed, but it is best to watch them closely for the next few hours and not let it happen again. Remember, when you drink you know why you may be feeling a bit loopy. Your dog has no idea what is happening and it can become stressful for your poor pet.

Any Health Benefits?

glass of wineThere are simply no health benefits to a dog consuming wine. However, there are plenty of consequences. We have already covered a few, but just to reiterate how harmful this can be for your pet, a dog’s liver is also not equipped to handle alcohol. So consuming such a harsh ingredient can actually cause liver and kidney damage.

In fact, in our research, we found zero benefits when it comes to giving your dog some wine. Wine is high in calories, this high caloric intake could increase their weight if consumed on a regular basis. Wine can also be high in sugar, which can end up harming their tooth enamel, further resulting in tooth decay.

Things to Keep in Mind

While we do not know why dogs cannot consume grapes, we know their livers are not properly able to process alcohol. What will happen if they were to consume alcohol? Due to their liver and small size, they are going to be a lot more likely to experience alcohol poisoning from a small amount of alcohol. This is drastically different from when humans consume alcohol. An important thing to keep in mind if your dog consumes alcohol, whether on purpose or by accident.

Some symptoms of alcohol poisoning in dogs include:

  • Your dog is moving slow or having difficulty moving
  • Your dog’s body temperature has decreased
  • Your dog’s blood pressure has decreased
  • Your dog is experiencing seizures
  • Your dog is having difficulty breathing
  • Your dog has been vomiting
  • Your dog has become more thirsty than usual and is urinating more frequently

If your dog were to consume a couple gulps of wine, it may not be a bad idea to give your vet a call. Your dog may be in need of IV and rehydration treatment.

Final Thoughts

It is no secret wine is harmful to your dogs in every way. There are no health benefits and it can actually be seen as cruel. Your pet is not going to be able to monitor when they have had enough, like humans. They are also going to be unaware of why they are feeling so terrible. Avoid giving your dog alcohol at all costs to ensure your pet can always stay happy and healthy.






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