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Can Cats Eat Liver?

Can Cats Have Liver? Cats are carnivores. They love the hunt, the meat, and the protein that helps keep them strong. Even though they often appear graceful or poised, when it comes to some meat their meat-loving hunting mindset comes out and they will kill a tiny bird to simply

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Can Cats Eat Mayo?

Can Cats Have Mayo? When you first brought your cat home you probably had big plans for how you would keep them out of trouble. You would regularly vacuum, never feed them too many treats, and always make sure they never got into any of the human food. However, over

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Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

Can Cats Have Dog Food? If you have a cat and a dog you may have wondered what really is the real difference between what you put in their bowls every morning. They both smell terrible. Is cat food really just fish and milk? Are dogs really just the red

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Can Cats Eat Green Beans?

Can Cats Have Green Beans? The fat cat is a common cartoon symbol. You see them on t-shirts with clever phrases or giggling about a lazy fat cat down the street. Everyone knows Garfield loved his lasagna – we will get to, can cats eat lasagna in another post. Even

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Can Cats Eat Dates?

Can Cats Have Dates? Dates are a sweet treat that many of us love to enjoy. They can be easily mixed into granola bars, baking goods, or atop salads. Their rich nutritional profile is filled with minerals, vitamins, and healthy oils. While also helping us build muscles and support a

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Can Cats Eat Cranberries?

Can Cats Have Cranberries? Cranberries are a pleasant fruit we don’t often see unless it is the holidays or we are making a  fun cocktail. So what happens when we allow ourselves this sweet treat and mittens gets into the bag for a bite? Maybe you noticed on the bag

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Can Cats Eat Cookies?

Can Cats Have Cookies? As adults, some of us pride ourselves in our sophisticated dessert tastes—we reach for custard-filled eclairs, decadent fruit pies, and tiramisu whenever we find ourselves at a dessert buffet, we order the most complicated-sounding ice cream flavor every time we set foot inside of an ice

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Can Cats Eat Chili?

Can Cats Have Chili? When the weather turns cold and rainy as the seasons change, we find ourselves reaching for warm, gooey comfort foods instead of the crisp cold meals of summer. For many of us, this means foods like soups, stews, hot cereals, and, of course, big bowls of

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Can Cats Eat Catnip?

Can Cats Have Catnip? When we search for ways to treat our furry friends, we often go for their favorite foods—dogs love peanut butter, apples, and carrots, hamsters and rabbits love any sweet, juicy fruits we can offer them, and rats love anything even slightly edible. For cats, however, there

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