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Can I Give My Cat Bengay?

Is Bengay Safe for Cats? Though the wonders of modern medicine are miraculous in the eyes of society as a whole, many of us have become more skeptical of medications to treat our more mild aches and pains. While some of us have no problem popping pain pills every time

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Can I Give My Cat Prilosec?

Is Prilosec Safe for Cats? Some of us have stomachs as resilient as rocks, but others of us are not so lucky—the slightest change in diet, sleeping habits, or stress levels, and suddenly we are left with heartburn that refuses to go away for hours or even days. Our ancestors

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Can Cats Eat Paprika?

Can I Give My Cat Paprika? Spices come in countless shapes, smells, and varieties and those of us who follow the Standard American Diet can only name a fraction of them. American cuisine generally does not emphasize herbs and spices, so most of us are sadly ignorant. There are, however,

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Can Cats Eat Ranch?

Can I Give My Cat Ranch? Though it is usually marketed as a salad dressing, ranch dressing has turned out to be a shockingly versatile condiment in the minds of most Americans. In addition to pouring it atop our salads, we use it as an easy dip for otherwise bland

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Can Cats Eat Lemons?

Can I Give My Cat Lemons? Though they are not one of our favorite fruits to eat plain (most of us can hardly stomach to eat a raw slice), lemons are often praised for their health benefits. Those who are into the healing or protective powers of food swear by

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Can Cats Eat Cottage Cheese?

Can I Give My Cat Cottage Cheese? There have been a wide variety of diet trends over the years, but a few foods have remained relatively popular among dieters and fitness-minded folks alike. One of these foods is cottage cheese, which is often touted as a low-calorie source of protein for

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Can Cats Eat Basil?

Can I Give My Cat Basil? Once we get away from pre-packaged or heavily processed foods, most of us discover the magic of herbs and spices. While cinnamon and nutmeg are the staple spices of desserts and sweet treats, herbs like basil are far more common features in our lunch

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Can Cats Drink Beer?

Can I Give My Cat Beer? When people have something to celebrate, the festivities almost always involve food and drink—after all, if snacks and beverages are not provided, it isn’t really a party. One of the most popular celebratory drinks among adults is beer. Humans have been drinking beer to

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