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Can Cats Eat Raw Carrots

Can I Give My Cat Raw Carrots? When we go grocery shopping, we load up on the produce—after all, we are more likely to eat our veggies if we have a house full of them! Our purchases are well-meaning, but many families neglect the fresh cucumbers, spinach, and sugar snap

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Can Cats Eat Sugar?

Can I Give My Cat Sugar? Sugar is one of the great joys of being alive. Though we know our bodies would probably be better off if we kept refined sugar out of our homes, most Americans have sugar on hand at all times. We use sugar in baked goods

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Can Cats Eat Raw Fish?

Can Rabbits Have Raw Fish? If you grew up watching cartoons (and which of us didn’t?), you are aware that the stereotypical diet of the animated feline consists of the following: freshly caught mice, cream served in a ceramic saucer, and fish snatched straight out of the bowl. The reality

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Can Cats Eat Lima Beans?

Can I Give My Cat Lima Beans? Beans are popular staple foods throughout the world, and, while soy beans, black beans, and pinto beans are probably the most commonly consumed, lima beans are not uncommon options. These starchy, somewhat buttery beans have a delicate yet distinctive taste that serves well

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Can Cats Eat Seafood?

Can I Give My Cat Seafood? Most Americans turn to staple foods such as chicken, eggs, beans, and grains when they want a hit of protein, but many people who can afford to spend a little more on groceries opt for fresh seafood. Often touted as a heart-healthy, diet-friendly source

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Can Cats Eat Lobster?

Can I Give My Cat Lobster? In our busy, budget-conscious lives, many of us rely on a steady rotation of the same easy, affordable meals—we eat a lot of sandwiches, chicken, spaghetti, and soup for dinner. When special occasions roll around, though (like holidays, birthdays, and rites of passage), we

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Can Cats Eat Ice?

Can I Give My Cat Ice? There are many joys associated with the wonders of modern technology, including but not limited to Netflix, smart phones, microwaveable noodles, hand sanitizer, indoor plumbing, and quick-dry nail polish, but one of the simplest (yet most revolutionary) modern inventions is the freezer. In addition

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Can Cats Eat Sprouts?

Can I Give My Cat Sprouts? Every few years, we have a new lineup of popular superfoods. Some of the current ones are kale and acai berries, but another nutrient-dense whole food favorite is sprouts. Often touted as extra nutritious vegetables, sprouts are essentially baby veggies: in order to get

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Can Cats Eat Olive Oil?

Can I Give My Cat Olive Oil? For the last several decades, we have had a fickle relationship with fat. Our older relatives grew up frying everything in lard, while those of us who reached adulthood in the 1990s learned to avoid fat at all costs. When the Mediterranean diet

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Can Cats Eat Chips?

Can I Give My Cat Chips? Though we fantasize about becoming the type of person who eats fruit for breakfast and becomes overwhelmed with excitement at the sight of a green salad, the sad fact is that most of us have love affairs with the types of food that would

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