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Can I Give My Cat Biotin?

Can I Give My Cat Biotin? Humans have always been interested in improving health, vitality, and longevity, but it seems that dietary supplements are more popular now than ever before. While we may have been enamored by medications and elaborate treatments for our most common illnesses throughout much of the

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Can I Give My Cat Robitussin?

Is Robitussin Safe for Cats? Thanks to vaccines, antibiotics, and a wide range of over-the-counter drugs designed to make our illnesses less unpleasant, modern man has become rather fearless in the face of mild illnesses. Our ancestors were regularly laid low by the common cold, but modern science has given

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Can I Give My Cat Neosporin?

Is Neosporin Safe for Cats? The day humans discovered bacteria, we became unstoppable—gone are the days when we treated infections with bloodletting, leeches, and vomiting. If you have an Internet connection, you are probably at a relatively low risk of dying after a wound becomes infected. We don’t even need

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Can I Give My Cat Ear Drops?

Are Ear Drops Safe for Cats? When it comes to ear health, most humans are relatively privileged—we rarely even think about our ears until our hearing starts to fade in our twilight years. As soon as we notice that our ears ache, itch, or burn, we make an appointment with our

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Can I Give My Cat Cortizone?

Is Cortizone Safe for Cats? Our ancestors were constantly covered in boils, fungal infections, acne, and other unpleasant skin problems, but modern man has developed a wide range of topical gels and creams to treat our every dermatological complaint. We have the means to treat dry skin, rashes, allergic reactions,

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Can I Give My Cat Bengay?

Is Bengay Safe for Cats? Though the wonders of modern medicine are miraculous in the eyes of society as a whole, many of us have become more skeptical of medications to treat our more mild aches and pains. While some of us have no problem popping pain pills every time

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Can I Give My Cat Prilosec?

Is Prilosec Safe for Cats? Some of us have stomachs as resilient as rocks, but others of us are not so lucky—the slightest change in diet, sleeping habits, or stress levels, and suddenly we are left with heartburn that refuses to go away for hours or even days. Our ancestors

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Can I Give My Cat Pedialyte?

Can Cats Have Pedialyte? The modern developed world has many perks, but by far one of the biggest is the fact that a stomach bug is significantly less likely to kill us than it was our ancestors. While diarrhea often spelled disaster for people living a few hundred years ago, we

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