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Can Dogs Drink Cold Water?

Can Dogs Drink Cold Water? The question may seem mundane until you take it to the internet. Then you will find the wild west of haunting stories where pets die from drinking cold water. One story in particular from the blog Wendt Worth Corgis, gained plenty of attention when in

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Can Dogs Drink Coconut Water?

Can Dogs Have Coconut Water? When the temperature rises, we break out the popsicles and refreshing drinks. Ice, water, and tropical flavors fill our fridge as we battle the heat and try to cool down. One popular item for humans to consume during these warm months is coconut water. Coconut

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Can Dogs Drink Alcohol?

Can Dogs Have Alcohol? Dogs can truly be man’s best friend. They can do it all with us; hike, surf, hunt, and sometimes even skateboard. However, there are some activities that you may need to reconsider bringing your best friend along. Whether you are throwing a party, practicing home brew,

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Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

Can Dogs Have Cat Food? You are running late for work and nearly forgot to feed Fido. A quick scoop of food in the bowl and…wait, was that Fido’s food or the cat’s? Sometimes with so many mouths to feed one can easily reach into the wrong box for our

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Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

Can Dogs Have Turkey? Chickens are the most widely consumed land animals in the United States, but their larger, more festive cousins are a common feature in the Standard American Diet, too—the average American ate sixteen pounds of turkey meat in 2012. Every Thanksgiving, we as a nation eat 46

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Can Dogs Eat Tuna?

Can Dogs Have Tuna? Though our favorite lunch staples were peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets when we were children, we were accustomed to eating tuna sandwiches on those days when our parents were feeling more health-conscious. Fish is not renowned for being one of the most

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Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes?

Can Dogs Have Sweet Potatoes? Though most of our favorite fruits make us think of endless summer days (pineapples, mangoes, peaches, kiwis, etc), many of our favorite vegetables scream fall—especially the orange ones. When the days grow colder and the leaves begin to change color, we break out the orange

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Can Dogs Eat Sugar?

Can Dogs Have Sugar? One of the defining characteristics of human beings is our sweet tooth—most of us cannot get enough of anything containing any type of sugar, whether the food in question is chocolate cake packed with cane sugar, sweet potatoes full of natural sugars, or even ‘healthy’ pancakes

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Can Dogs Eat Sprouts?

Can Dogs Have Sprouts? Because they have had a chance to evolve alongside humans, domesticated dogs make some of the best animal companions for a wide range of reasons. One of the biggest conveniences to having a pet of the canine persuasion is how similar they are to humans in

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