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Can Dogs Eat Lemons?

Can I Give My Dog Lemons? When we think of strongly flavored foods, most of the things that come to mind are hot or spicy. We think of things like cinnamon, chili or jalapeno peppers, horseradish, ginger, and wasabi. There is, however, one fruit with a flavor that is just

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Can Dogs Eat Cottage Cheese?

Can I Give My Dog Cottage Cheese? Cottage cheese has long been one of the quintessential ‘diet foods’—many of us remember our parents or our older relatives scarfing down cottage cheese with a side of fruit for breakfast in an attempt to lean out before swimsuit season. Though this food

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Can Dogs Eat Applesauce?

Can I Give My Dog Applesauce? Depending on when and where in the U.S. we grew up, many of us have vastly different memories of the types of foods our parents used to put into our school lunches. Some of us lived exclusively on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, while

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Can Dogs Drink Almond Milk?

Can I Give My Dog Almond Milk? Throughout the twentieth century, those of us who were lactose intolerant, vegan, or otherwise dairy-averse had limited options with which to moisten our cereal. Soy milk was a fringe beverage reserved for hippies, lactose-free dairy milk was often rather expensive, and there were

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Can Dogs Eat Steak?

Can I Give My Dog Steak? Though we love to snuggle our dorky dogs, we also like to remind ourselves that they are directly descended from some of the coolest, fiercest creatures in the forest: wolves. We may insist that our little Labrador would never hurt a fly, but, when

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Can Dogs Eat Fish?

Can I Give My Dog Fish? There are few animals that people consume in most parts of the world. Depending on your continent, religion, and climate, you may be more inclined to eat cows, chickens, goats, dogs, pigs, horses, or even guinea pigs or capybaras. However, if you live anywhere

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Can Dogs Drink Beer?

Can I Give My Dog Beer? For many people, recreation is synonymous with drinking. While most adults do not drink to the point of intoxication on a regular basis—and, if they do, we hope they seek professional help—it is common for many people to unwind with a beer and their

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Can Dogs Eat Tangerines?

Can I Give My Dog Tangerines? It seems that every time we talk to a dietitian, they tell us we should be eating more fruits and vegetables—few of us ever hear our doctors telling us to eat “less fruit.” Your dog’s veterinarian, however, may suggest that you restrict your dog’s

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Can Dogs Eat Ginger

Can I Give My Dog Ginger? Food has long been considered one of the most powerful forms of medicine, and few foods have enjoyed as positive a reputation for improving overall health as spices. Spices are flavorful, low in calories, and often said to provide powerful health benefits even when

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Can Dogs Eat Cabbage?

Can I Give My Dog Cabbage? Even though it does not get as much love as carrots, broccoli, or even spinach, most of us love to eat cabbage semi-regularly. We cook it into soups. We throw it raw into salads and sandwiches. Some of us diehard cabbage fans cut it

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