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Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes?

Can Dogs Have Sweet Potatoes? Though most of our favorite fruits make us think of endless summer days (pineapples, mangoes, peaches, kiwis, etc), many of our favorite vegetables scream fall—especially the orange ones. When the days grow colder and the leaves begin to change color, we break out the orange

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Can Dogs Eat Sugar?

Can Dogs Have Sugar? One of the defining characteristics of human beings is our sweet tooth—most of us cannot get enough of anything containing any type of sugar, whether the food in question is chocolate cake packed with cane sugar, sweet potatoes full of natural sugars, or even ‘healthy’ pancakes

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Can Dogs Eat Sprouts?

Can Dogs Have Sprouts? Because they have had a chance to evolve alongside humans, domesticated dogs make some of the best animal companions for a wide range of reasons. One of the biggest conveniences to having a pet of the canine persuasion is how similar they are to humans in

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Can Dogs Eat Spaghetti?

Can Dogs Have Spaghetti? Everyone has their personal favorite pasta dish, but one of the most popular noodle-based dishes is spaghetti—it’s one of the few meals that most of us consume at least once a month. Though each person swears that their personal spaghetti recipe is the best one in

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Can Dogs Eat Seaweed?

Can Dogs Have Seaweed? When we think of seafood, we often think of animal foods first—fish like tuna, shrimp, salmon, lobsters, and even clams and oysters. The quintessential seafood dish, however, is sushi, and one of the key ingredients of sushi isn’t an animal at all. People who include seafood

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Can Dogs Eat Seafood?

Can Dogs Have Seafood? Most people have one or two beef-, chicken-, or pork-based dishes that they absolutely love, but fans of seafood cling to their favorite cuisine with the intriguing, slightly intimidating ferocity of a hardcore science fiction nerd. True seafood lovers will indulge in lobster, shrimp, or sushi

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Can Dogs Eat Salt?

Can Dogs Have Salt? We all have varying tastes based on our age, culture, and palate, but there is one flavor that every human being on Earth loves: the taste of salt. Throughout much of human history, salt was one of the most valuable goods that we traded around the

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Can Dogs Eat Salmon Skin?

Can I Give My Dog Salmon Skin? Fish has always been a staple food for humans in coastal areas around the world, but, if you read lifestyle magazines or walk through health food stores, you probably encounter salmon recipes more often than the average Joe. When we imagine salmon, we

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Potatoes?

Can I Give My Dog Raw Potatoes? Much of the time, eating plant foods feels like a chore. No matter how much you enjoy apples, kale, or purple carrots, you have probably had to force yourself to reach for a fruit or a vegetable instead of a package of cookies

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Pork?

Can I Give My Dog Raw Pork? Beef and chicken feature heavily in sit-down and fast food references, but pork products also show up frequently in many of the meals that people who follow the Standard American Diet eat on a regular basis. Many of our favorite pork products (such

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