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Can I Give My Dog Cortizone?

Is Cortisone Safe For Dogs? Being human is fantastic—we have opposable thumbs, we have microwaves, and we have a plethora of over-the-counter drugs designed to treat our every little illness, injury, and discomfort. Though some of us are more wary of taking drugs than others, most of us have no

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Can I Give My Dog Prilosec?

Is Prilosec Safe for Dogs? Let’s face it: humans deal with a lot of nagging physical unpleasantries on a daily basis. We eat fatty or heavily seasoned foods, we don’t drink enough water, we sit still for long periods of time, we deal with chronic stress that would’ve given cavemen aneurisms,

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Can I Give My Dog Ear Drops?

Are Ear Drops Safe for Dogs? Whether they’re big and floppy or little and pointy, we love our dogs’ ears. They are fun to scratch, they are almost cartoonishly expressive, and they are one of the features that seem most unique to each specific breed. Ears make the dog. Just as

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Can I Give My Dog Bengay?

Is Bengay Safe for Dogs? We have a hard enough time figuring out the best way to treat our own aches and pains, but when our furry friends start to stiffen up or limp about, alleviating pain can feel downright impossible. We have medicine cabinets full of pills, creams, patches,

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Can I Give My Dog Activated Charcoal?

Is Activated Charcoal Safe for Dogs? We love our dogs dearly, but they aren’t always the sharpest knives in the drawer—they have rock-solid stomachs and regularly eat things that intrigue and horrify our human sensibilities. Most of the time, the malodorous substances they eat out of the gutter are relatively harmless.

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What Can I Give My Dog For Pain?

What to Give Your Dog For Pain? Countless studies have shown that sharing your home with a dog is an excellent way to reduce stress levels, boost happiness, and improve overall health and wellbeing. That said, there is nothing more stressful than a sick or injured dog. When we have

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Can I Give My Dog Pedialyte?

Can Dogs Drink Pedialyte? Now that we have reached a point where most of us are not constantly facing starvation, nutrition has become much more complicated. Throughout much of history, our ancestors considered anything that was even slightly edible to be a valuable source of energy—they were less worried about antioxidants,

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Can I Give My Dog Zyrtec?

Can I Give My Dog Zyrtec? Though we love the excitement of changing seasons, our noses are not always as overjoyed as we are. For some of us, when flowers bloom and pollen begins to float through the air, our bodies go on strike: our noses run, our eyes water,

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Can I Give My Dog Tylenol?

Can I Give My Dog Tylenol? When we take a moment to list off the marvels of modern science, most of us talk about computers, spaceships, watches that somehow manage to track our sleep, and advanced CGI technology. We often take for granted the smaller miracles that make our day-to-day

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