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Can Dogs Eat Prawns?

Can I Give My Dog Prawns? There are only a handful of edible things that inspire quite so much passion as seafood. Though sweets, such as cakes and cookies, and party foods, like pizza and nachos, are almost universally loved, seafood is revered by its fans and reviled by its

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Can Dogs Eat Potato Chips?

Can I Give My Dog Potato Chips? Though many of our favorite treats are sweet in nature (think pie, chocolate, candy, and brownies), some of the most irresistible snacks are salty in nature. The king of salty snacks is the potato chip. Potato chips have ensnared mankind almost from the

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Can Dogs Eat Pork?

Can I Give My Dog Pork? Though beef and chicken are probably the most widely consumed meats in the United States (after all, they make up most of the choices available in fast food and sit-down restaurants), pork can’t be far behind. If you’re not watching your meat intake, you

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Can Dogs Eat Olive Oil?

Can I Give My Dog Olive Oil? Most of the popular superfoods we hear talked about are brightly colored berries or bitter leafy greens, there is one beloved ‘health food’ that is both processed and decadent: olive oil. Though we went through a phase where we feared anything with a

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Can Dogs Eat Noodles?

Can I Give My Dog Noodles? People have loved carbohydrates of all sorts for as long as we have been cooking. Though everyone has their own taste preferences, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who did not have a soft spot for such carb-laden delights as cake, pizza, fresh

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Can Dogs Eat Mustard?

Can Dogs Have Mustard? Ketchup and mayonnaise are probably the most commonly encountered—and the most kid-friendly— condiments in the United States, but mustard is not far behind. Often touted as a diet-friendly condiment due in part to its low calorie and sugar content, mustard shows up on our plates with

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Can Dogs Eat Mayo?

Can I Give My Dog Mayo? Americans love condiments of all kinds, and we have found ways to include them in pretty much every meal. For sweet foods, we rely on delicious spreads and toppings like jam, maple or chocolate syrup, every nut butter conceivable, or whipped cream. For savory

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Can Dogs Eat Lobster?

Can I Give My Dog Lobster? Though most people who eat meat find themselves consuming chicken or beef most of the time dinner rolls around, they are no strangers to seafood. Whereas chicken breasts are common staples, seafood is often used as a celebratory food or a rare treat. This

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