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Can Rabbits Eat Lettuce?

Can Rabbits Have Lettuce? Modern technology has made feeding our dogs and cats relatively easy—the market is full of perfectly formulated foods that have been tailored to meet our furry friends’ specific dietary needs. When we start trying to feed animal companions who belong to other species, however, we run

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Can Rabbits Eat Kiwi?

Can Rabbits Have Kiwi? We generally associate the color green with the vegetables that our parents had to force us to eat as children, but there are a handful of sweet treats that share this otherwise-distasteful color. Fruits like granny smith apples, green grapes, and even pears allow us to

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Can Rabbits Eat Green Peppers?

Can Rabbits Have Green Peppers? Those of us who don’t consider ourselves to be vegetable enthusiasts often come into contact with a rather limited selection of fresh veggies. Aside from the greens we shove into our sandwiches, soups, and salads, most of us are most familiar with the choices we

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Can Rabbits Eat Grass?

Can Rabbits Have Grass? If you have ever gone out to a steakhouse and ordered a salad for lunch, you’ve probably had your burger-munching cousin point, laugh, and refer to your meal as ‘rabbit food’ or ‘lawn clippings,’ possibly both. This begs the question: are rabbit food and lawn clippings,

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Can Rabbits Eat Grapes?

Can Rabbits Have Grapes? Everyone has their favorite fruits and vegetables, but one of the fruits that seems to win the hearts of everyone—regardless of age or favorite flavors—is the sweet, juicy table grape. Ever since we were little, grapes have shown up as healthy side dish options both at

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Can Rabbits Eat Dandelions?

Can Rabbits Have Dandelions? Anyone who has spent more than five minutes with a real live rabbit has had their childhood preconceptions shattered. Rabbits, it turns out, do not subsist solely on whole carrots. Actually, they can only eat very small quantities of carrots. We like to refer to anything

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Can Rabbits Eat Cucumber?

Can Rabbits Have Cucumbers? When we want cool and refreshing, we turn to cucumbers—and not just for cosmetic purposes. These juicy, delicious vegetables are well over 90% water, low in calories, and high in the fiber that Americans so desperately need. When we tell our doctors that we have started

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Can Rabbits Eat Cranberries?

Can Rabbits Have Cranberries? A lot of the most festive foods we eat every year are highly processed and nutritionally empty. Cookies (whether they’re Santa’s gingerbread or a Girl Scout’s thin mints), birthday cakes, candy corn, candy canes, ice cream sundaes, fair food, hot dogs, s’mores, and a wide variety

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Can Rabbits Eat Cilantro?

Can Rabbits Have Cilantro? When most Americans describe what was served at their dinner party last week, the term ‘rabbit food’ is generally not a compliment. When we think of rabbit food, we think of something that is bland, leafy, dry, and bound to get stuck in your teeth. For

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Can Rabbits Eat Cheese?

Can Rabbits Have Cheese? While it is true that everyone has their own unique palate and way of eating, there are a handful of foods that frequently show up as people’s favorites. One of the all-time most popular favorite foods is cheese. Whether they are eating it on pizza, grated

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