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Can Rabbits Eat Rhubarb?

Can Rabbits Have Rhubarb? When most of us think of our favorite pies, we picture pastries filled with fruits: blackberries, blueberries, strawberries (or a mix of all three!), apples, peaches, lemons and limes, bananas, cherries, and, yes, even pumpkins. Other common pie fillings that don’t even make us bat an

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Can Rabbits Eat Red Peppers?

Can Rabbits Have Red Peppers? Medical professionals, personal trainers, health teachers, and fitness magazines are constantly telling us to eat the rainbow. Because we have such sweet teeth, many of us use fruit as a way to consume as many colors as possible—after all, you can knock out three or

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Can Rabbits Eat Papaya?

Can Rabbits Have Papaya? Apples and pumpkins make us think of fall, but nothing screams “summer” quite like tropical fruit. Though we all enjoy the plethora of pomegranates, cranberries, and citrus fruits associated with the colder half of the year, many of us are thrilled when our favorite summery fruits

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Can Rabbits Eat Oats?

Can Rabbits Have Oats? Feeding our animal companions is not as straightforward of a task as it ought to be. Though many people manage to escort their pet dogs (who are omnivores with dietary needs that are at least somewhat similar to our own) through life on a diet of

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Can Rabbits Eat Oatmeal?

Can Rabbits Have Oatmeal? For people who are interested in eating as healthfully as possible, lunch and dinner tend to be the meals where it is easy to get creative—there is a wide range of healthy savory foods you can put together for typical evening meals, so there is plenty

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Can Rabbits Eat Mushrooms?

Can Rabbits Have Mushrooms? Most of the produce we consume falls into one of two categories: fruits or vegetables. Though there is room for argument as to which of these two categories certain plant foods fall into (tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocadoes certainly seem like vegetables, but are actually fruits!), we

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Can Rabbits Eat Fennel?

Can Rabbits Have Fennel? Most of us love to see wild rabbits bounding through a field or along a hiking trail. The wild animals we encounter, including rabbits, always seem full of strength and vitality. In the wild, rabbits stay trim, fit and healthy because they are surrounded by the

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Can Rabbits Eat Courgette?

Can Rabbits Have Courgette? Many of our favorite squashes are commonly associated with the fall season—especially orange ones such as pumpkin and acorn squash. One squash we eat in the summer, however, is the crisp, hydrating courgette. This delicious, nutritious vegetable has a delicate flavor that makes it incredibly versatile.

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Can Rabbits Eat Clover?

Can Rabbits Have Clover? Those of us who have shared our homes with pets are well-acquainted with the wide range of foods that they like to eat—and, when those pets eat diets similar to our own, we can’t help but sample the foods we purchased for them. Nearly every dog

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