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Can Rabbits Eat Rocket?

Can Rabbits Have Rocket? Leafy greens have never been quite as popular as they are today. While our parents have been begging us to eat cooked spinach with our dinner for decades, it is only fairly recently that we have begun adding green vegetables into every single meal with gusto.

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Can Rabbits Eat Raisins?

Can Rabbits Have Raisins? Raisins: you either love them or you hate them. While many of us remember gobbling up tiny boxes of raisins along with our cups of applesauce as children, other people remember methodically removing the little chunks of fruit from their ants-on-a-log and their bowls of Raisin

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Can Rabbits Eat Parsnips?

Can Rabbits Have Parsnips? Though humans have been enamored by rabbits for ages, we have never thought of them as particularly resilient creatures—if you want something sturdy for your child to take care of, after all, you have them adopt a mutt from the local shelter. Whereas the dogs of

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Can Rabbits Eat Parsley?

Can Rabbits Have Parsley? Even among those of us who adore vegetables, different veggies serve different purposes. Many of us will gladly devour chunks of raw carrot or cauliflower by the cupful, but we would not even consider snacking on plain parsley. Vegetable-loving bunny parents, however, have learned that what’s

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Can Rabbits Eat Melon?

Can Rabbits Have Melon? Humans have known that food was important for thousands of years. Long before we understood the concept of vitamins, protein, fat, or antioxidants, healers and doctors prescribed foods as remedies. Today, having mastered the fundamentals of science, we know more about nutrition than ever before—and we

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Can Rabbits Eat Leeks?

Can Rabbits Have Leeks? Because we have spent our lives listening to nutrition advice geared towards humans, we often make dietary mistakes when it comes time to feed our pets. This is especially true if those pets are vastly different from ourselves. Dogs, who are some of our most popular

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Can Rabbits Eat Dill?

Can Rabbits Have Dill? Face it: rabbits eat boring, bland diets. Even cartoon bunnies, who often lead glamorous lives of adventure, subsist almost entirely on raw carrots. Real rabbits, who live totally on hay and pellets and consider even raw carrots to be treats, have even less appetizing diets. After

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Can Rabbits Eat Coriander?

Can Rabbits Have Coriander? Nutrition is hard. Even if we have the time and money we need to fill our homes with high-quality fresh foods, we can still find dietary questions to stress over; the Internet is full of all-out wars over whether carbohydrates or fats are healthier, whether or

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Can Rabbits Eat Chocolate?

Can Rabbits Have Chocolate? While we all have varying taste in food based on our age, lifestyle, and culture, almost all of us love chocolate. We love milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate cake and ice cream, and a variety of other foods. Though we know we should limit our chocolate

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Can Rabbits Eat Beetroot Leaves?

Can Rabbits Have Beetroot Leaves? The average Kindergartener would tell you that rabbits lived on carrots, but those of us who actually have to look after rabbits know the truth: bunnies eat strange, mostly unappealing diets. Cartoon rabbits gorge themselves on carrots and other salad fixings, but healthy pet rabbits

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